About us

The English language is important and teaching the English language is our business. English is a fun and interesting language that continues to have more impact in the professional and academic world.

Why an English language  course?

Our English language courses are aimed toward the individual you learn to give your frozen English language skills new life.  At English Upside Down, the English language courses help you to practice what English you know and continue building on your skills. Everyone who speaks English is using some grammar without realizing it. Learning the English language and its system is a process that does not come natural. Our English language courses teach you what you need to learn and the system you need to correctly use and understand English. The grammar rules that  English learners need to use are the focus of the English language skills we teach, so you will be able to create your own English expression. It makes learning English fun.

Thanks to a professional, effective way of teaching, my English has improved in a short time. – Rob Rijkse, TV Creative

Language courses require teaching

Our English language courses promote intense learning through a practical method that motivates students to be actively studying and responsible for their English language skills development. English is enjoyable and once you experience that, you will be in a better position to speak it. At English Upside Down, learning occurs, when you see, hear, and speak the English language actively. Personal correction will help you to create your personal expression.

My English was proficient to begin with. But now I feel really confident. Tailored English lessons enabled me to express myself with confidence - Pim Vos, GlaxoSmithKline