Company policy

English Upside Down Company Policy

We commit ourselves to providing a professional English curricular program to match the desires, requirements, and goals of our clients. All English lessons are given by a native speaker who is experienced in giving English lessons on all different levels of learning English.

Groups will consist of a maximum of eight people.

We arrange groups based first on level of English language, secondly schedule and thirdly common interests.


Participants may discuss personal preferences, relationships and business details that no one outside of the group needs to know about; this is confidential information. We ask all participants to keep what is discussed during a session confidential.

Confidential information is only shared in a group situation for the specific purpose of communicating the content using proper, acceptable and clear English language. Therefore we ask the recipient(s) to agree to take all steps reasonably necessary to protect the secrecy of the confidential information, and to prevent confidential information from falling into public domain or into the possession of unauthorized people.


For group sessions you are charged for the sessions you attend. For all absenteeism we charge the client 50% of the regular session fee.

If you are attending private lessons we ask you to give us 24 hour notice if you are not able to attend your session. There is no extra charge for being absent for private lessons if you comply with this notification request; otherwise (i.e. notification within 24 hours or no notification at all) you will be charged 50% of the lesson fee.


We hope that you understand our policy standard and unless we hear otherwise we consider you in agreement with these policies.