Marilou's story

Although I had quite a solid English vocabulary, I avoided speaking English, because I always was afraid to make mistakes. After a training at English Upside Down I now feel confident speaking English - finally I benefit from the knowledge I already had. I had a lot of fun attending the group lessons and would like to recommend them to everyone!

Both professionally and privately I have to speak English off and on. But every time I had to have a telephone conversation in English at the office, I had to gather courage, prepare what I wanted to say and hope that my partner in the conversation would not ask any unexpected questions.

I found it hard to spontaneously respond to questions. Finding the right words, using the right grammar, tense and structure is not easy - let alone hitting the right note of politeness.

A training at English Upside Down helped conquer my English shyness. Now I am much better at responding spontaneously to a question and finally I am actively using my vocabulary. Recently, my supervisor complemented me on my English. Great!